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Your Love is My Love

Zamora Rose Project's latest release

Available on iTunes

La Diva Del Canto

Life Goes By - Zamora Rose Project

The latest album by Zamora Rose Project, featuring their song: "Life Goes By".

Life Goes By is the new album released by Zamora Rose Project.
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The latest album by Heather Scarlett Rose, award-winning singer-songwriter from the San Francisco Bay Area. All songs written by Heather Scarlett Rose, with the exception of "Hard Killin' Floor Blues", by Skip James.

Stand True - Zamora Rose Project

Stand True, by Zamora Rose Project.

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California - Heather Scarlett Rose

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Heather Scarlett Rose writes & performs all new music in her album entitled: "California".

Make Me Happy - Ed Goldfarb Plays the White Roses

Smartest on the Street - Stealing Earth

Check out their debut single!

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Take Back Your Mind - White Roses 2010 Release

Rock out to the White Roses latest release!

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Songs From the Living Room - Bob Peterson's 2009 Release

Bob Peterson's debut album

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Coming on Christmas - White Roses Single Release 2009

White Roses Christmas Release
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Spark the Chain - White Roses 2009 Release

White Roses - White Roses Debut Release 2008